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AWVP Travel with pets in  Australia.    Sheba  Ben  Shez  and Sam Life Story ,  Our travels with Pets and  Pictures of places and pets

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Chapter 4


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Ben always knew where the 4WD  was. Like one day I had parked it along the coast behind a dune, went for a walk, met up with some people and after chatting for a while we decided to get back to the PC as it was getting dark and we still had to make supper. Well it was not behind the dune that I thought it should be. First instinct was panic and the thought it was stolen. Then I thought No there's no one here in the desert aside from the folks I spoke to earlier. 

This was the first time I realized Ben Knew where the car was cause he kept wanting to carry on so I said Ben CAR and followed him.  Back over the sand hills to the beach we went and Of course he ran off and left me and Sheba who was happy to be lost so long as she was with me. 

Well I just stopped and waited and eventually he came back and realized that he has to wait for us to catch up so he ran ahead, stopped waited for us then ran off again this time keeping us in view so we could follow and there it was the PC still intact. By this time it was dusk and I was SO relieved to have found it. I reckon we had walked about two kilometers from it without realizing it. Fun thing too was that I had noticed Ben had basically followed our footprints back  (which I could not find) and boy it was like following a drunk. Amazing how one does not realize it but you don't walk straight on a desert beach.

Well after that I used to take them to Gangara lakes which was at that time unspoilt by humans and we would walk through the bush each time a different way to try get him lost and I would eventually say Ben Car and off he would go to find the 4WD which he always did no with problem. This was  useful for when we would once again go into the uncharted  deserts or bush tracks of the North. 

When we went bush I did not worry about taking note where I parked as Ben would know where to come back to.

Whenever we went to the farm Ben would stay in the 4WD until it was supper time or if we went to the dam he would follow and stay foot deep in the water and wait for Sheba to get close enough so he could grab the stick she had so they could play. 

When I started the motor bike, well you should have seen it, Out of the 4WD came this charging Shepherd, all exited and first thing is bite the front tire. Trying to ride it was also a art as he would grab the front wheel and hold on. He taught this bad habit to Sheba who still does it, he stopped when he got older and she took over. 

At one time he grabbed the front tyre and I ended up driving over his neck. He went rolling down the stony hill and I thought he was injured, but up he got, came running back and then ran next to the bike all nicely. Well I thought, he has finally learnt not to bite it, but alas, about 5 minutes later back to normal lol.

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