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Sheba Life Story


The Herder


One day at the farm Stan was trying to herd the cattle from one paddock to another without success. Sheba was sitting watching this for awhile and finally decided to give a hand. Off she went. First Stan shouted "Call the dog back .....  no, leave it, it's doing the right thing"  With no training ever and to both our amazement she herded them in exactly where he wanted them and it did not even take her long where Stan had been struggling for at least forty minutes. 

After that day whenever cattle or sheep needed rounding up and we were at the farm Sheba would do most the work. Only problem was if she was near or passing any of the dams she would abandon the rounding up and go swimming instead and could not be bothered about cattle roundup after her swim. Real farm dog hey. 

One thing about her is she was a very strong willed self determined girl. She did what she wanted but at the same time she always tried her best to please me especially if she thought I was cross with her or upset.

She made friends with the horses Except one who did not trust her and some of the cows. She and Ben are also the only dogs I know who touched noses with the Dolphins at Monkey Mia. Even I did not get to touch them.


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