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Sheba Life Story


My Sick Girl

JUNE 1996:  It was evening, 6pm I fed the two kids. After I let them in. Sheba was lying on her side and I noticed a lump on her side. I felt it and thought it was a bone from the meal that somehow had lodged itself in her side. The vet took blood tests and it was diagnosed as Breast Cancer. No Cure for that type. Operation  performed that weekend. No guarantee that it would not spread no idea how long before it reappeared else where as it was in her blood.

7 June 1996:  Annul glands removed so she could pass bowls. No sign of that dreaded cancer.

July 1996: Sheba started coughing real bad, Took her to the Vet. X-Rays  revealed lungs and liver with Secondary cancer. Cancer spreading fast now, nothing can be done to help her. She is so brave you would not know she was sick as she is still the same active girl and is carrying on as normal.  Vet said there is nothing that can be done , she is going to die. 

I'm worried she may die alone, Vet said she wont, her love for me is too strong, she will hang on till I am with her.

It is still hard to believe she is sick, she does every thing she normally does, runs around, plays ball, plays with Ben, still goes in her pool, still runs next to the bike, still loves the beach. I'm going to take her North again to all the places we love and had a good time at.


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