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Sheba Life Story


Early Days


Sheba was starting to grow and fast. Training began when she was two months old. She had tons of energy. I bought a bicycle. I thought we could all get exercise. How wrong I was. I put a long leash from the two dogs to the bicycle steering and off we went. Knight ran next to me on the left hand side and Sheba took off like a bat out of hell. Full speed ahead. I had the brakes full on, but that never stopped her, it simply slowed her down, just a little. Well would you believe she wore out the brakes !?, twice !!?, and that was with a choker chain too. I realized I was never going to get to peddle and she was going to remain the "Husky" so instead I taught her "left", "right", "stop" & "slow down". The left, right she got down pat, but stop became slow down and slow down was ignored.

Some times I would say left when I should have said right and over the pavement we would go and off the bike I would go. She never tired. We would maintain speeds of at least 30 k's per hour continuously. At this stage I had made up a harness for her. She loved it and pulling the bike.

She was now 14 months old. Knight started having Epileptic fits. I tried all the variety of drugs available and non was working. Eventually he started having fits that was very long and his last one lasted for hours. I had to make the dreadful decision to have him put down. I dropped him off that Saturday at the Vets. Went to work, changed my mind, phoned the vet, but it was too late. I was very upset. I spoke to no one.

The Pound phoned up and said they had a young German Shepherd who was going to be put down in an hours time, come see him as it would be a pity to destroy him. I went to see him. He was about a year old. I brought him home and realized that this critter had been very badly treated. He had been Home Castrated, Tooth Knocked out, was scared of people. I decided to keep him as I was the only one I knew who could bring him back to being a Shepherd.

When I started to sweep the yard he went into a fit foaming from the mouth and rolling over on his back. First I thought oh no another one with Epileptic fits, I had just put Knight down for it, but then I realized that he was scared of the broom. This guy had been very badly treated. He was scared of everything to the point where if his tail hit the wall he screamed in fear. As soon as I put the broom down he stopped having a fit so I knew he was scared.

Eventually with the help of Sheba he was to become good and today he is a non scared cheeky boy. However if There is thunder or any loud noise like gunshots he jumps up on my lap or nudges his way between my legs for protection. During stormy weather he will jump onto the bed and put his big head next to mine on the pillow. These days his legs are bad so he can no longer jump up and some times I need to help him get into the 4WD. He is now also old and I do not like all the lumps his getting. At least its not Cancer.


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