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Sheba life story


Getting Along


Sheba was now two years old and Ben was about one year younger than her. These two looked so much like each other that when I was on one of my Bush Trips I gave the same one (Ben) two heart worm tablets instead of one. Then had to find a phone to check with the vet on what to do. Luckily no harm was done.

It was one big happy family. Sheba and Ben played well together and she always protected him. Sheba was scared of nothing and was very curious and had to investigate anything unfamiliar. One would not go anywhere without the other, even to the shops in the car, if I called Sheba she came to the car door and then waited for Ben to arrive and get in first. Ben was the same.

Julie ran the pound where I had got Ben from and wanted to see how he was. I took them down to see her. She was impressed on how he had changed. Some one left a door open and the next moment six bullies (she bred them) came pouncing in and all attacked Sheba at the same time. I hate and detest dog fights. We got all but one bully outside and came back to rescue Sheba who still had one Bully attached to her right cheek. There was blood flowing and I thought she was hurt. I lifted the Bullies back legs off the ground (This by the way is the one sure way to stop dogs fighting) and after a few moments it let go of her and then Julie took it outside. I checked her for damage and found she was not hurt at all. It was the Bully who had got hurt. From that day on both Sheba and I hated and did not trust Bullies. She was also never involved in another scrap.

Some Weekends we would walk in the bush across the road for hours (its all gone replaced by houses now). There was a crow who played tag with her each time we went he was waiting. He would swoop in, just touch her at the back of the neck from behind, land just in front, she chased him and the process would repeat heaps of times. Other times we would go to the man made pond near the shopping Centre and while I ate my hungry jacks burger she would go swimming among the ducks and Ben would follow along the edge as Ben never could swim due to his back legs crucia joints problem.

One day at the pond she suddenly sunk, like a stone. After about 15 seconds I thought she was drowning as she had not come up and I could not see her so I started to go in after her. As I entered the water up she came, with a LEAF in her mouth. The scoundrel had frightened me half to death diving for a leaf. That was the first time I had ever seen her dive underwater. Whenever we went to a place where there was water the first thing she would do was go in and get wet. In fact even if I did not want her to she would go deaf and ignore me till she was wet then she would listen again.


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