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The Water Baby


Sheba was a true water baby. From a pup to full grown she loved water. When we went to the beach I used to swim out and she would follow. Even though I had flippers on and am not a slow swimmer she could swim faster. I used to hang on to her tail and she would pull me back to shore. I bought her a kids paddle pool and she would climb in and curl up in the water.

One day I had just washed them and took them to the lake to dry. The water used to leave a stagnant smell on them so I told her NO WATER. She finally got the message and stayed on the path running ahead of me round a corner. When I turned the corner there was Sheba lying in a dirty smelly muddy pool of water. Well now she had to go in the lake to clean up.

Another time when I took her to the farm on a real hot day she gently nosed the kids playing in a Roman shower off to one side and climbed in spilling most the water out with her large body as she lay down.

One day we at the Fortesque River in the North and I was talking to some folk when one of them said "Is that water running out of the back of your car?" Sure enough Sheba had decided to go for a swim and then jump straight back into the 4WD with half the river and going on to 5 pm and then wondered why I was so cross with her.

I never took her into the deep North as I had decided that if I did she would become Crock food.


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