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Sheba life story


The Body Finder

Sheba  had one bad habit that I hated. Whenever we stopped for a break she would run off into the bush and find a body which ranged from animals to humans. I eventually made sure she did not wander off into the bush so I did not have to report a body or smell a dead animal when I went looking for her. 

Like one day we were going to a beach town called Lancelin and I used to stop at the Quarry for them to go do their business as I don't like a mess on the beach and she came back from her walkabout and jumped into the 4WD leaving a trail of black footprints. I realized it was tar and could not get it off her. 

On following her prints I came across a body that had been buried in the tar and only the rib cage and toes were showing. She had obviously gone to investigate. Well that ended the beach and the rest of the day was spent reporting her find and getting the tar off of her feet. What a job that was. She did not enjoy it and neither did I. 

Eventually one day she did officially go looking for and find a body that the trackers and police dogs could not find. Mind you it did take persuasion on their part to get me to agree to send her in. Her reputation for finding what I did not want to know about kind of grew till I eventually put a stop to it.


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