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Sheba life story


Good days

Summer fun was spent going to the beach or one of the rivers where we would go swimming, walking, tanning and have allot of fun chasing each other in and out of the water. We were like a couple of kids playing. she even had her own pool at home to curl up in when she was hot and most of the time she was in it.

She was a lousy fisher girl though as she kept on eating our bate so between the seagulls and her it was a real task going fishing.  At least she sometimes chased the seagulls away from the bait. More for her I guess. 

When we were traveling in the North she would stand looking over the seat next to me, Ben always had the window and she would always warn me of Kangaroos or cattle on the road long before I could see them. I always wondered how she knew.

One night in the bush she woke me up growling, I opened the 4WD door and we got out. It was pitch black outside. Sheba was really now going crazy and I was holding onto her. I shone the torch and saw a male person standing at the side of the 4WD. I said What do you want? He said nothing but backed away to his car and took off. He was obviously up to no good but had not expected to be confronted by two German Shepherds and a Human. I felt safe always with Sheba as I knew she would and could look after us. 

Another time we were in the bush at a little know spot on a river I had discovered. The first night I awoke to Kangaroos around and under the 4WD. That next day I got approached by a pack of wild dogs. I first thought they were dingoes but these keep away from people and they seemed bigger and mixed breeds. The leader came up menacingly and the next moment Sheba came pounding out the 4WD. For a second both looked at each other then Sheba charged. I thought Oh no but then the leader took off, the rest followed with Sheba after them. Ben had by this stage also joined in the chase.  I yelled for them to come back. Only Ben returned. Sheba kept after them till they were all out of eye site. I wondered what would happen to her and was worried for her so I started off in the direction they had gone. Eventually just before the top of a hill almost a Kilometer from camp we met up with her returning. I gave her such a hard smack as I was so relieved to see her and was so angry that she had not come back when I had called.  


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