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Sheba life story


My Digger Dog


As a young dog Sheba loved to dig and boy could she dig. We have that cyclone proof hardy fence which blows down in a breeze that is buried two foot under the ground and she dug a cave to lie in right under it into the neighbors yard under ground. This was the same spot that she had her winter pups in. How it did not collapse I don't know as its only sand. She also dug a crater right at the back gate and I put the choker chain on her and tried to drag her to the spot to put her nose in it but she would not budge and the chain broke and I landed in the hole, head just missed the gate and she ran off to hide. 

She even ate all twelve of my pine trees I planted. I tried the balloon method by burying a balloon in each of the places she kept digging but she calmly came from behind and popped each balloon just as I planted it. Big game to her. Well that did not work. Pepper did not work but then I finally found something that did. CYAN red hot chilly pepper. It made her sneeze and finally she stopped digging there and found new spots, More pepper, Another new spot, More pepper, and so it went on until finally there was no where else left. Only problem with the CYAN Pepper was I had to keep putting it down after it rained or the garden got watered. 

Eventually after two years she stopped the digging and eating plants cycle and I stopped using the Pepper. 


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