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Vetinary Information


Vetinary Information for cats and dogs

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This section is from the vet and covers common problems and solutions as well as general advice for dogs and cats.

Advice and Feedback:

  • Sterilization can prevent female dogs from getting Breast Cancer when they get older. From 6 years starts the danger period when cancer sets in.
  • Male dogs are also subject to cancer, I imagine it is similar to females.
  • Heartworm is a must in infested areas. The test is simple but costly. 


Australian Vetinary Info For any one who has a doggie with hip or Knee joint problems there is now a new drug available from the Vet  (METACAM) .  It is an Oral given liquid. It is the only one I have tried that actually worked. His last treatment was in July 99 and he still walks pretty good and can jump into the 4WD without any help. (Its not cheap though). (EDITOR AWVP au)

Pet Advice Australia If any of your pets have a ongoing skin problem then try Selsun shampoo. It works on humans and also works on pets. The vet used to have it but as the cost got too high they do not any longer. You can get it at your local supermarket. Selsun Blue is the same. (GRAHAM au)

Puppy whelping Should you notice your dog especially pups suddenly go off their food and vomit after eating then it is most likely that they have a TWISTED BOWL. Take them to the vet and ask them to be checked for this. Surgery will be needed to correct this condition. If left they will die. (TONY uk)

Giving Birth I was having a flea problem. Using new waterproof flea collars did not solve the problem. I tried the Frontline and the problem was solved. Thanks to the Vet who told me. (DEREK au)

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