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Western Australia

Is one of the best

places to go and

camp out in the



You want it we have it. From snow to super hot heat. The best food and Barbecues The best looking girls in the world ( only kidding). But we do have the best outback travel. For green go south and for desert go north.

Wild life is no longer so plentiful as Rabbits and foxes are classed as vermin and baits were dropped from the air resulting in Dingoes and Birds copping it as well. There are however still Roo's Dingoes Camels, Horses, Koala Bears, Cats. That's about all you may see, oh and the odd lion or the West Australian Wild Dog. (So I'm told)




Picture by Buzz

Always carry enough water as it is scarce and hard to come by. Don't steal water from farms. Ensure you have cooking gear and medical kit.  Check your maps to where you are going to ensure you can carry enough fuel. Don't forget fuel for your return. Let some one know where you are going if you intend bushing on rare tracks. Watch out for snakes, Crocks in the deep north, Scorpions. Check weather depending on season. Even a four wheel drive bogs in mud. Walk river crossings before driving through. ( watch the crocks)



Most the video was shot using the cannon E110. You can notice the difference with later shots using the Panasonic Digital. The pictures are captured from the movie cameras. There are a few normal camera shots but these are few. The clips are very short bits from the final movie but the quality has been cut down to cater for the webs slow resolution and speed.



To escape Perth's winter, best time for the North is end of June or early July. The weather north is warm but not hot. November is a good time as then it is a comfortable hot and ideal to swim.  From end of January it gets extremely hot and many find it too uncomfortable. Avoid the wet season with its cyclones. For the South best times are Perth's Summer months unless you like wet and cold. The South is very green with large forests and National parks everywhere. Oh and beaches if you keep to the coast.



Wood in the north is scarce and not suitable for camp fires. I carry a 2 burner gas stove with a spare single cook top and a small single burner camp bottle as spare. A decent pillow, as little clothes as possible, tin food and sausage meat for me and the dogs. Generator with 20 liters fuel drum. Battery torch and lantern with 1 set spare batteries. Fishing gear and fishing knife. 80 liters water as water is scarce.  Tools for emergency. Medical kit. Maps of local area. Compass for bush travel. Tent gear. Stainless steel kettle and 2 billy cans for cooking. 2 electric tire pumps.



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