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Sheba life story


More Good days

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Every year we would go away for a month in the bush. The bush we went in was deep in the outback of Western Australia where very few people ever wondered in. It is rough, barren and beautiful and very private and so close to nature. You have to experience it to appreciate it. We covered the South with its lush green jungle like forests  and icy cold sea water to the deserts of the North with its hot seawater and no waves. Most the time though we kept to the coast and rivers. Most the rivers in the north are dry though. Pictures of some of these can be seen in the home menu North and South of this site. To see pictures of the deep North where few humans venture visit my 4WD site in cool links section or click here. 4WD  

Often during a night in the bush  when it was too hot to close the 4WD door Ben would got walkabout and make friends with kangaroos. Sheba never left me she was always at my side. Even when I sometimes lost the 4WD in the desert Sheba was happy to be lost so long as she was with me. Luckily Ben always new where it was and led the way back. Now his old he no longer does though so I got to make sure I know where I leave it.

Talk about intelligence. Sometimes I got lazy and did not drain the fat out of their food, well, when it came to the bit under the fat Sheba would pick up the bowl and pour the fat out in a perfect circle without dropping any food out, then put the plate down and take the meat out. She also used to play HORSE and carry some of the very young kids who used to visit around the yard. She could also open sliding doors, the back door of the 4WD, In fact any door except those round handle turn knobs type. She used to love tug and war games and played it with people and Ben. Occasionally they played it with the washing on the line. Well you can imagine what happened when that was discovered. She would vanish if you were cross with her and hide for at least an hour. If she did not want to be found you would not find her. When she got older she stopped hiding and kinda gave you that real sad sorry look so you just could not scream at her. 



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