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Western Australia

Is one of the best

places to go on

4WD adventures

Four Wheel Drive Australia

We have one of the best countries to go four wheel driving in. Of course you must still take precautions even with a four wheel drive. Importantly THINK before driving into a situation that you cannot get out of in a hurry.

In my travels around Australia I have seen people do things that I found absolutely unbelievable If they had only stopped to think before driving recklessly it would have saved them time and embarrassment and even a whole Vehicle.  



Don't drive out on salt lakes as usually you end up sinking into a nice deep hole. Don't cross rivers unless you are certain you know what the surface is like, best to walk it first. Always let your tire's out to 15 psi (I sometimes have had to use 12 psi ). Also contrary to popular belief when driving on desert or beach soft sand with tires down don't travel like a bat out of hell. If you bog (and I have seen it happen many times) you have a long way to try and get out. As I usually travel alone I go slow, If I bog then its only a foot to reverse back onto solid. A typical example of this is at Mauds Landing at Corral Bay where the closer you get to the sea the softer it got (knee Deep to walk) So there goes that theory. Know what I'm saying?



Keep away from cliff edges. I saw someone at Steep Point park at the cliff edge and a few moments later the Nissan he had was at the bottom in the sea. It was an 8 month old vehicle gone and unable to be rescued lucky for him he was not in it when it decided to slide. I have also seen people drive out across the tidal beach at BUSH BAY to launch their boat even though they were told DON'T by other campers and sure enough they bogged and the tide covered it up so you would not have known it was there and of course no camper was prepared to risk their vehicle for some silly bugger that had been told. The last one I shall mention is Don't ignore signs on river banks warning of Flooding. I saw a family one winter on the Murchison do this and said to him NOT A GOOD IDEA to which he replied "I'M AN OLD BUSHMAN, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING." Later that night I decided it was raining too heavy so I may as well head to Perth. As I was crossing the bridge, which now was overflowing with water, I glanced in this blokes direction and saw the water starting to enter the caravan door. First instinct is to go help but then I recalled his arrogant nature and well, him being an old bushman and such, I left him to his own intelligence. (And wet dreams!)


Know your Vehicle

Ok now first before any trip I take my vehicle in for a good going over and service at Bill Brown Automotives in Balcatta, opposite Alco Soils. This guy would be one of the best mechanics in Perth for four wheel drives and buses. Also he is honest and cheaper than most and used to be called MR TOYOTA. Also once you go to Bill you won't ever go anywhere else. This guy is Good, and when you know you going to go into places where your life may depend on your vehicle, well you've got to trust your mechanic.  He has found faults in vehicles others have said there's nothing wrong with that sound, what you're hearing is normal, maybe it's your imagination" Pity I did not myself discover Bill sooner.  He would have saved me a bundle.


What to Take, carry

Well lets cover the North. Lets take the best time, like June to December.

First a good service at Bill Brown's (Of course!) That way, no surprises happen during the trip.  Next, make sure our water containers are full, Generator works ok, Fuel for the Generator, Fridge packed, Long range Tanks are full.  Ample food for one month for me and the dogs. Tire pumps working ok. Battery's are in good condition (Overlander batteries are the best, but being a 17 plate battery they tend to take longer to charge) By the way if you want a city style of travel, the Overlander Motels are everywhere at only $60 per night. Washing goodies, Gas bottles, Billy Cans, Tarps and Poles, Jack, tire gauge, shovel, solar shower, Bushmans anti-bite spray, the only one that works in the north.  If you only remember the Aeroguard, (ha, ha), pick up some Dettol from the local Chemist, it works wonders. Tea- tree oil may be good for sunburn, but it does'nt work on mozzies and beware the Midgie's, they can put you in hospital. Not the trip you would have expected.


As for the South, it's a beautiful place to go, but not necessary to describe survival tactics to you, as the areas along the coast and further inland are pretty much well populated.  Help is usually always close at hand.


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