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AWVP Travel with pets in  Australia.    Sheba  Ben  Shez  and Sam Life Story ,  Our travels with Pets and  Pictures of places and pets

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Travel North in Western Australia

Carnarvon Area


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The Carnarvon Area covers Rocky Pool, Quaba area, New Beach and Bush bay. These places are recommended. Pets here are no problem. The Overlander Hotel chain allows pets and even has kennels for you to use but you need to supply your own locks. The vet in Carnarvon is a very nice person and very knowledgeable. Ticks are a plague in Carnarvon and the only thing that does work against these is Frontline. Heartworm tablets is a MUST for pets in the North.

Most places in Carnarvon accept dogs

Bush Bay and New Beach is 4 kilometers from each other. This spot is 36 kilometers from Carnarvon. Bush bay has toilets and is very popular with caravans and tourists. These days the ranger collects $7 from campers. I presume its per day or each time he visits. It is also a popular fishing spot, but don't expect to actually catch anything. Bities are ripe there with all the Mangoes and  huge ugly looking spiders live in the mangroves. 

The doggies loved it there and if you lucky you can get a reasonably private spot. We spent a week there. did not catch anything but it was interesting to watch every one try. There was one time a female fishing with 6 males and the only one catching anything was her. They eventually pushed her all the way up to where I was, a distance of 500 meters and still she was the only one to catch anything. Poor blokes lol.  To get to any deep water is a walk. Not ideal to swim

My favorite spot is New beach where it is more private and as a river ends there you do catch Brim. The dogs and I also enjoyed swimming there as there is a nice deep section even with the tide out. There is also a kind of Island just off the shore which you can walk to and wildlife visit there on dusk and early morning. Shez once stepped on something and limped after for a few hours. I believe there are stone fish but I never saw anything except for fish which swim between your legs and nibble your toes. Strangely there are no spiders here and very little bities. 

Rocky Pool is ideal to just relax and camp at. the toilet is relatively new. Wildlife visit there and there is always water which is warm and the sand very hot in summer. The dogs loved the swimming. the water is deep in some places. Shez vanished there one time. Don't know what she saw but off she went and returned 10 minutes later and then got into trouble for taking off.

The blow holes area has its own camping spot. Not very private but not bad. there are some toilets. Cost is or was $2 per day using a honesty box. Swimming in this area is dangerous. Fishing here is very good but care must be taken if on the rocks.



13km before the town of Carnarvon there is a small track that ends up at this spot. The small beach is pretty nice. The wind only stops blowing in Carnarvon for one month of the year. It is a hot climate and the nights are hot as well. The sea is like a big warm pool, NO

waves. This spot is kind of like an inlet.

56km North east of Carnarvon is a great place called Rocky Pool. It is a river usually dry but this pool section among a rocky section always has water in it. At the far end is very soft white sand. Very hot to walk on and the water is very warm. The road in is a mix of bitumen and gravel in good condition.

The blow holes at Cape Quaba which is about 100km north of Carnarvon. Camping is available here at $2 per day. This spot is also known for its fishing.



The coast line at Cape Quaba



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